Winner of the Mental Health Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest

“Last Wish” by Jaquelyn A. Calderon

The Arizona Psychological Foundation has completed its inaugural Mental Health Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest. The PSA contest was funded by a grant through the Goldberg Family Foundation. Dr. Melanie Bierenbaum headed this project in conjunction with fellow Arizona Psychological Foundation board members Drs. Stephanie Hatch, Jessie Garcia, and Mark Rohde.

High Schools across the state of Arizona were recruited to participate in the contest. Participating schools were instructed to create a 30-60 second Mental Health PSA about an issue often encountered during adolescence such as depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, eating disorders, or substance abuse. Students were able to use TikTok, iMovie, or YouTube as a platform to create their PSA. Schools were provided with resources to embed into their PSA in order to educate others about how to access help.

The winner of the contest was Jaquelyn A. Calderon, a high school student from Bradshaw Mountain High School in Prescott Valley, AZ. Her PSA “Last Wish,” addressed coping with depression and the importance of not giving up. Jackie’s submission resulted in Bradshaw Mountain High School being awarded $1000 to be used for student wellness initiatives.

Preliminary discussions with the administration from Bradshaw Mountain indicate that they are likely going to create a calming, peaceful room for students that may include comfortable seating, a water feature, calming activity centers, and a meditation area. The Arizona Psychological Foundation would like to turn this contest into an annual event and perhaps expand the contest to include Arizona’s community colleges.

About Jaquelyn Calderon

Jaquelyn Calderon is a recent high school graduate from Bradshaw Mountain High School. She will be attending college in August where she hopes to Major in Film and Minor in Animation. Jaquelyn enjoys painting, drawing, and spending time with friends. She comes from a large family, which inspired her to use a birthday party as the backdrop for her PSA. Jaquelyn shared that she drew from personal experience in an effort to connect with other teenagers who might view her video. When asked about her reaction to winning the prize money that will be used for wellness initiatives at her school, she shared that it makes her feel good knowing she is leaving something positive behind for other students. Jacquelyn is very close with her cousin, the main actor in the PSA and a rising sophomore at Bradshaw Mountain High School. Although she is moving on to the next phase of her life, she is excited to leave a lasting legacy for him as well.


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